Watch the launch of NISSEM Global Briefs Volume 4

On Monday 12 June, 2 – 3:30 pm GMT+2, VVOB hosted a webinar to celebrate the release of the fourth volume of NISSEM’s Global Briefs which look at Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in a variety of global contexts.

This fourth volume, entitled ‘Doing More with Language Teaching’, provides a rich contribution to the research literature on the relationship between language teaching and Social and Emotional Learning. It features 16 papers by 37 contributors highlighting the importance of Social and Emotional Learning for learners’ well-being and holistic development, and how language interventions can be strengthened to support SEL.

Run of the show
  • Welcome | Esther Goldschmidt, Strategic Partnership Advisor at VVOB
  • Introduction to the volume & first presentation | Susan Iannuzzi, Independent Education & Publishing Consultant
  • Second presentation | Abdelqadir Ezzaki, Independent Expert on Education & Training
  • Third presentation | Michael Phiri, Research Advisor at VVOB Zambia
  • Fourth presentation | Vinh Lê An, Director General of Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences (VNIES) & the Director of National Center for Sustainable Development of General Education Quality
  • Question and answer session | Speakers and audience
  • Closing remarks
Partnerships for achieving SDG4: about NISSEM and VVOB

NISSEM was founded in 2018 with the objective of seeking ways to integrate SDG target 4.7 and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) into educational materials in low and middle income countries. Since then, NISSEM has published papers by researchers and practitioners in a series of volumes entitled Global Briefs: Educating for the Social, the Emotional and the Sustainable. The third volume, entitled SEL in Context, was launched in collaboration with UNESCO in April 2022.

Contextualising Social and Emotional Learning in diverse settings is high on VVOB’s research agenda. Our contribution to the volume centres around the Catch Up programme in Zambia. Using the Teaching at the Right Level methodology, this programme groups children by their learning level rather than by grade and uses hands-on and playful learning methodologies. VVOB’s Michael Phiri discusses how Catch Up impacts and contributes to social and emotional learning.

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