The Transitional Advisory Group

The NISSEM Transitional Advisory Group (NTAG) was formed in February 2023.



Asia and Pacific

Vishal Talreja, Co-founder and Trustee, Dream a Dream, India

Esther Care, Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia



John Mugo, Executive Director, Zizi Afrique Foundation, Kenya

Abdennasser Naji, President, AMAQUEN, Morocco 


Latin America

Vicky Colbert, Founder and Executive Director, Escuela Nueva, Colombia



Sam Loni, Program Director, Global Schools Program, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

Danielle de la Fuente, Founder and CEO, Amal Alliance



NTAG members will develop consensus around existing and emergent NISSEM goals including:

    • The need to formulate a statement of principles and approaches to embedding SEL/4.7 in educational plans, policies, curricula, syllabi, textbooks and other education materials and activities;
    • The need to work with like-minded agencies and actors on how NISSEM principles and approaches can help bridge the policy–practice gap;
    • The need to mainstream SEL/4.7 in national systems, curricular subjects/programs and educational materials, and teacher professional development;
    • The role of standalone/explicit modules on SEL/4.7 themes;
    • The sharing of innovative materials and approaches on a global platform, with mentoring within and between regions and globally;
    • The need to develop new and innovative approaches to reporting and monitoring SEL/4.7/transformative learning;
    • The promotion of research linked to SEL in order to further develop the concept in the perspective of thinking about the future of education;
    • Other emerging goals.