Read the NISSEM Global Briefs Volume I

This is the first volume of the NISSEM Global Briefs, a collection of peer-reviewed essays from over 60 contributors of standing within the field of education. At the junction of SDG Target 4.7, SEL, and education in post conflict and low-resource settings, the NISSEM global briefs are a key resource for current research and practice.

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Find individual briefs by author below:

The NISSEM Co-Conveners Introductory overview
Colette Chabbott, Margaret Sinclair & Andy Smart Contextualizing social and emotional learning
14. Alya Al Sager, Rana Dajani & Dima Amso: Cognitive development mechanisms underlying socioemotional learning
17. Katherine Pedersen Blanchard, Heidi Gibson & Carol O’DonnellUnderstanding yourself as a foundation for exploring the world
Andy Smart, Jean Bernard & Margaret Sinclair Bringing it to life in the classroom
28. Susan Hirsch-Ayari, Agatha van Ginkel & Muhib ur Rahman Muhib: Field notes: Social and emotional learning in USAID’s Afghan Children Read project
Aaron Benavot, Margaret Sinclair Measurement, monitoring and assessment
Colette Chabbot, Margaret Sinclair Strategic Measures
The NISSEM Co-Conveners What does NISSEM propose?