The challenge

Can school textbooks and other educational materials …

be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable

help to foster knowledge, skills, competences, values, and attitudes, through social and emotional learning, to prepare students for challenging and unpredictable personal, community, national, and global futures?

support the vision of and commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Target 4.7?

serve teachers better to support these aims?

Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7

SDG Target 4.7 constitutes a commitment ...


Social and emotional learning

We understand social and emotional learning (SEL) as vital for teaching and learning ...


Textbooks and educational materials

In classrooms around the world ...


NISSEM - Networking to Integrate SDG Target 4.7 and SEL skills into Educational Materials

NISSEM (Networking to Integrate SDG Target 4.7 and SEL skills into Educational Materials) is committed to assisting education authorities in low- or middle-income, and conflict-affected and post-conflict settings, to advance the UN SDG goal for quality education. In particular, NISSEM focuses on all themes listed in Target 4.7, which incorporate, elevate and expand long-standing international commitments to education for positive behavioral and societal transformation.