Read the NISSEM Global Briefs Volume II

This second volume of the NISSEM Global Briefs addresses the theme of pedagogy, practice and materials. At the junction of SDG Target 4.7, SEL, and education in post conflict and low-resource settings, the NISSEM Global Briefs are a key resource for current research and practice.

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Find individual briefs by author below:

Suzana Brinkmann: Introduction
1. Kwame Akyeampong, Jo Westbrook & John Pryor: The Speed School pedagogy and how it unlocks the creative and learning potential of disadvantaged children in Ethiopia
2. Eleanore Hargreaves, Dalia Elhawary & Mohamed Mahgoub: Promoting EFL learning towards peaceful global citizenship
3. Emma Carter, Ezequiel Molina, Adelle Pushparatnam & Pauline Rose: Measuring teachers’ encouragement of socioemotional skills in the secondary classroom
4. Dr M Canter: Issues and implications in supporting teachers in the practical implementation of social and emotional learning approaches
5. Andrea Bustamante, Enrique Chaux, José Fernando Mejía & Ana María Velásquez: Citizenship competencies in Colombia: Pedagogical strategies, open materials, and teacher training
6. Silvina Gvirtz, Marina Larrondo & Liliana Mayer: Proposals for citizenship development in Latin America: Learning in action
7. Andy Smart & Margaret Sinclair interview Caroline Pontefract: Working to realize children’s full potential: UNRWA’s system-wide approach to change
8. Suleiman Y. Ame, Abdalla Mussa, Patime Kheri Koba, Agripina Habicht & Barbara Thornton: A new pre-primary and primary curriculum framework for Zanzibar: The importance of needs assessment
9. Le Anh Vinh & Hoang Phuong Hanh: Global Citizenship Education in Vietnam: A review of the national curriculum, textbooks and teacher professional development
10. Jason Loh: Stellar curriculum materials: Supporting teachers and improving teaching practices