The fourth volume of the NISSEM Global Briefs is the first in the series to address subject specialization. It explores the challenges and opportunities facing curriculum specialists, teachers, and writers of textbooks and learning materials for teaching mother tongue, national, and international languages. This open access publication is unique in addressing sustainable, societal, social, and emotional dimensions within the disciplines of language teaching, both in the global South and elsewhere.

NGB Volume4 whole

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NISSEM Global Briefs Vol.4 includes the following contributions:

Introduction: A conversation between the co-editors of the volume, Andy Smart, Susan Iannuzzi, Lisa Horvath, and Margaret Sinclair.

Section One: Mother Tongue and National Language

1. Abdelkader Ezzaki: Socio-emotional learning in Arabic language education in Morocco: A school quality improvement endeavor.

2. Allen Thurston | Gloria Lucia Bernal Nisperuza | Luz Karime Abadía Alvarado | Maria Cockerill | Alison MacKenzie | Joanne O’Keeffe | Pelusa
Orellana | Tien-Hui Chiang: Using cooperative learning to enhance reading in Colombia.

3. Debra Myhill: Grammar as choice, not grammar as compliance.

4. Mohini Gupta: The burden of textbooks: Language socialization in India and Wales.

5. Michael Louis Phiri | Sofie Cabus | Jacqueline Mathenge | Haatembo Mooya | Daniele Ressler | Ashleigh Morell | Anne-Thora Vardoy-Mutale: An
empirical investigation of social emotional learning among children in primary education: The case of Catch Up in Zambia.

6. Priscilla Angela T. Cruz: English and Mother Tongues in the Philippines: Reflections on language policies and education.

7. Bui Thi Dien | Le Anh Vinh: How social-emotional learning is integrated into the Vietnamese Language and Literature subject: A review from curriculum and textbooks to teachers’ practices 

8. Meenal Sarda: Integrating Social and Emotional Learning into literacy programs.

Section Two: English as an Additional Language

9. Tran My Ngoc | Le Anh Vinh: The reciprocity between English language learning and social emotional learning: The case of Vietnam.

10. Dalia Elhawary | Eleanore Hargreaves: The social and emotional aspects of learning to speak English as an L2 in the Egyptian primary classroom.

11. Nick Bilbrough | Haneen Jadallah: Talk globally, learn locally: Interculturalizing the Palestinian English Curriculum through weekly online link-ups with a volunteer in another country.

12. Patrice Kané: Teaching sustainability topics in English in Mali.

13. Momodou Jeng | Susan Iannuzzi | Amie Jaiteh | Philomen Sanyang | Michael Secka: New curriculum and ELT textbooks in The Gambia: The SEL dimension.

14. Lisa Horvath: Stories: Connect to language, self, others, and the environment.

15. Shinibali Mitra Saigal | Radhika Shenoy: The power of biographies: Revolutionizing ideas through inspirational lives.

16. Jason Anderson: TESOL textbook content in the global South: Challenges and opportunities for appropriate and sustainable learning.