How can changes in textbooks support changes in teachers’ practices?

A series of NISSEM workshops with the Zanzibar Institute of Education

During October 2023, NISSEM co-conveners Andy Smart and Susan Iannuzzi, along with fellow co-convener Margaret Sinclair and in collaboration with Khadija Sharrif and Ramadhani Matimbwa of Milele Zanzibar Foundation, led a course of four workshops on teaching and learning materials design for curriculum and materials specialists from the Zanzibar Institute of Education (ZIE). Specialists from the Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) also attended remotely.

NISSEM’s work in life skills and social and emotional learning within core subject textbooks is complemented by the Milele Foundation’s focus on life skills and values assessment, within the ALiVE initiative led by RELI (the Regional Education Learning Initiative). NISSEM gratefully acknowledges the invitation by ZIE director Mr Abdalla Mussa to provide examples of practices and materials that ZIE may find useful in its ongoing development and rollout of a new primary curriculum for Zanzibar.

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