Adjunct Faculty, International Education Program, George Washington University

Dr. Colette Chabbott is an adjunct faculty member in the International Education Program at George Washington University in Washington, DC and a consultant for organizations in international education and development. Since 1991, she has worked with many international organizations–including the Hewlett Foundation, the Research Triangle Institute, the American Institutes for Research, UNICEF, the Consultative Group for Early Childhood Care and Education, CARE, Save the Children, and BRAC—on improving the quality of primary education in South Asia (1989-present), Egypt (1997-98), and Yemen (2006), particularly as it relates to girls’ education, early grades reading, social mobilization, and community schools. Previously she served as the staff director of the Board of International Comparative Studies in Education at the (U.S.) National Research Council (2000-03), as director of the international comparative education masters program at Stanford University (1996-1999), and as a special projects officer with USAID Bangladesh (1985-1989) and Guinea (1990-1991).

Dr. Chabbott has used the sociology of organizations to study the international development field and has published her research in scholarly books and articles and applied it in dozens of for international development agencies. Her publications include, Institutionalizing Health for All and Education for ALL: Global Goals, Innovations, and Scaling Up (Teachers College Press, 2015); Constructing Education for Development: International Organizations and Education for All (RoutledgeFalmer 2013(2003); “Development INGOs”. In J. Boli & G. M. Thomas (Eds.), Constructing World Culture: International Nongovernmental Organizations Since 1875. (Stanford University Press, 1999).

Many of Dr. Chabbott’s publications, both academic and professional, are available here: