COVID-19 Resources


An illustration from ‘My Hero is You”, a children’s storybook about Covid19, illustrated by Helen Patuck, via Worldreader


Covid-19 Education Resources

Links to blogs, reports, and other relevant resources compiled by NISSEM, with special attention to challenges facing schools and systems in the global south during the pandemic, and the world’s most vulnerable populations. Eventually this list will be culled to focus on instructional materials and learning platforms, as well as issues pertaining to curriculum, pedagogy and teacher preparation.

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World Bank blogs


UNESCO distance education solutions


UNESCO IIEP guidance for supporting systems, teachers and learners


Conrad Hughes UNESCO publication on future of learning post covid:




UNICEF & Microsoft collaborate on new global learning platform


Childhood Education International


GPE blogs


GEM Report blogs


Brookings blogs


OECD blog




Aid agencies and international partnerships to address Covid-19


UKFIET blogs


IESALC Higher education UNESCO institute in LAC


INEE Covid related resources


Gender and covid 19 resources


Online learning resources


EdTech Hub


International Education Funders Group


Education Equity Research Initiative


Harvard / REACH Program


Education Development Trust




UIL Interviews in Iran


The pandemic’s impact on endangered languages


University resources


News reports and op-eds


Larry Cuban blog


Pasi Sahlberg blog




Karen Mundy Blog


REACH blog


Spectacle Learning Media Blog

Socially distanced learning in the time of COVID-19. Includes guidance on integrating SEL into remote learning content and delivery systems.


Save the Children: link to two guidance briefs, inter-agency:


The problems of e-assessment


And an overview of edtech interventions in emergencies, from Save:


Resources in French


Publisher initiatives to produce Covid relevant content


Wisconsin Center for Education Research UW-Madison: at home language activity booklet


Worldreader lists some story books from Worldreader and others and their strategy


UNHCR and EiE resources


Teaching in the era of the pandemic


Resources on Latin America and the Caribbean


Link to UNESCO LAC Webinar:


Resources on Africa


Resources on Asia