6. Measure and monitor Target 4.7 learning in terms of attitudes, behaviour, skills and content knowledge

In all domains of learning, educators struggle to measure whether students have learned and internalized important values, attitudes, skills and behaviours, such as SEL. In recent years, new initiatives around global competencies and citizenship have underscored the importance of including SEL in all educational settings.1 Particularly in conflict and post-conflict settings, the compelling psychological and educational needs of children have galvanized several efforts to develop SEL measurement and better teaching approaches.2 In general, however, lack of robust measurement continues to constrain the development of effective, contextualized approaches to teaching Target 4.7 themes and SEL in many countries. High stakes examinations and low stakes assessments that mainly focus on cognitive learning also serve as a barrier. Nevertheless, textbooks in core assessed subjects can and should include narrative and pedagogical support for values and attitude formation related to Target 4.7 themes.

1 See, for example, https://www.brookings.edu/blog/social-mobility-memos/2017/06/02/social-skills-matter-but-how-do-we-measure-and-grow-them-in-the-classroom/
2 See, for example, Torrente, C., Johnston, B., Starkey, L., Seidman, E., Shivshanker, A., Weisenhorn, N., . . . Aber, J. L. (2015). Improving the quality of school interactions and student well-being: impacts of one year of a school-based program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Journal on Education in Emergencies, 1(1).

RECOMMENDATION 6 (a) Encourage ministries of education and national researchers (i) to measure the impact of incorporating Target 4.7 themes and SEL in educational materials through learning
assessments, classroom observation, focus group discussions and other forms of student and teacher responses and (ii) to revise materials to increase that impact.

RECOMMENDATION 6 (b) Increase collaboration between various national and international agencies to improve reporting of the curricular integration of Target 4.7 themes, as well as the measurement of relevant learning outcomes.