9. In all SDG4/EDUCATION 2030 processes, include actionable recommendations to address Target 4.7.

The inclusion of Target 4.7 themes and the integration of SEL in textbooks in low-resourced and conflict-affected settings present formidable challenges. International support and guidance should coherently address these problems and stress the importance of developing writer capacities in this area. In order to take on these challenges, scaled-up innovations are needed for the production and distribution of revised/reworked textbooks and other education materials that include motivational and inspirational messaging for low-resource, conflict- affected and related situations.

RECOMMENDATION 9. SDG4/EDUCATION 2030 processes should include recommendations to the effect that:
(a) In light of Target 4.7 themes and SEL, countries should devise effective strategies to contextualize these themes by reviewing, evaluating, revising, trialing and finalizing textbooks and educational materials in a timely manner, drawing on the best available guidance.
(b) Training should be provided for national teams of textbook and other educational materials writers and examiners in low-resourced, conflict-affected and post-conflict settings, to include guidance and support on inclusion of Target 4.7 themes and SEL in core school subject materials, with age-appropriate sequencing and contextualisation, and building supportive pedagogy into textbook design.


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