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4th International Conference on GCED: Pedagogy and Practice, Seoul, 3-4 September 2019

September 05, 2019

On 4 September 2019, NISSEM co-convener Andy Smart gave the NISSEM Global Briefs its first public outing at this event attended by over 1,000 registered guests. On the stage with Andy Smart are (left to right) Jane Nyaga, assistant director, Curriculum and Research Services Department, Secondary Education Division, Social Sciences Section of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD); Dr. Jayanthi Gunasekera, director general of the National Institute of Education (NIE), Sri Lanka; and Nader Hadifeh, advisor to the minister of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) in Lebanon.

UNESCO Forum on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education, Hanoi

July 02, to July 03, 2019

The Global Forum in Hanoi saw the launch of a global research report on education for sustainable development and global citizenship in 10 countries commissioned by UNESCO and prepared by NISSEM in partnership with the  Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) at the University of Saskatchewan.  The findings of the study were formally presented by NISSEM co-convener Aaron Benavot at the opening plenary session and futher discussed at a plenary town hall co-led by Marcia McKenzie of SEPN. The report, entitled 'ESD and GCED Up Close' is currently being finalized and will be soon be available to the general public. 

NISSEM Global Briefs UK launch at UKFIET, Oxford

September 18, 2019

The NISSEM Global Briefs: Educating for the social, the emotional and the sustainable will have a UK launch in Oxford on Wednesday, September 18 at a UKFIET seminar organised jointly by NISSEM and CELL (Conflict and Learning Laboratory, Maastricht) beginning at 1:30 pm. The new online publication features diverse perspectives from over 60 contributors addressing global and local challenges on how to integrate SEL and SDG 4.7 themes into textbooks and other education materials. Global Briefs lead editors, Andy Smart and Margaret Sinclair, will introduce the online volume during the session, 'From Divisive Stereotypes to Inclusive Identitities', chaired by Atif Rizvi of Cell. 

CIES Conference 2019, San Francisco

April 14, 2019

On April 16 of this year, NISSEM held an event called "What's Love Got to Do with It? The Role of Social and Emotional Skills in Sustaining Learning in Low-Income and Post-Conflict Contexts" at the Hyatt Regency Atrium during CIES 2019.

Organised by Professor James Williams of George Washington University, please find the event resources here.


On February 1-2 of this year, NISSEM held an event called "Advancing SDG Target 4 in Post-Conflict and Low-Resource Settings: Integrating SDG Target 4.7 Themes and SEL Skills into Textbooks and Other Education Materials" at the George Washington University.

Presenters included representatives from USAID, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Creative Associates, George Mason University, the Global Book Alliance, the Mercy Corps, and the NISSEM core team. 

A full agenda can be found here and copies of all events's Powerpoints here. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


July 15, 2018

On March 25th of this year, NISSEM held a pre-conference workshop called "Advancing SDG Target 4 in Post-Conflict and Low-Resource Settings: Networking to Integrate SDG Target 4.7 Themes and SEL Skills into Education Materials (NISSEM)" at CIES 2018 in Mexico City.

The workshop built on the outcomes of the February workshop at the George Washington University. Presenters included representatives from UNESCO, USAID, GPE, IRC, the World Bank, Spectacle Learning Media, the George Washington University, the University of Albany-SUNY,  the UCL-Insitute of Education, and the University of Pennsylvania. 

A full agenda can be found here and copies of all the event's Powerpoints here. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


On April 27th of 2018, NISSEM held an event at the Teacher's College in New York following NISSEM's involvement in the UN event titled "the Role of Global Citizenship Education in the 2030 Agenda and Beyond." The workshop built on the outcomes of CIES 2018 with the aim of fostering support for NISSEM among key stakeholders. Attendees included esteemed guests from the APCIEU.

A full agenda can be found here and copies of all the event's Powerpoints can be found here. For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


July 16, 2018

Are you interested in how SEL relates to global citizenship education (GCE) and their application to textbook revision? A recent project by the Georg Eckert Insitute (GEI) used the UNESCO guidelines on GCE to examine the dynamic between GCE at a local and national level in addition to the Global North and South. The aim was to provide insights in the field using a post-colonial lens and examine how GCE values are depicted and modified during textbook revision and the form GCE values take in the classroom.

Among the conceptual dimensions of GCE outlined by the GEI, the socio-emotional dimension involves a a sense of shared connectedness and common values along the lines of "solidarity, empathy and respect for cultural and religious diversity" ("Textbooks Put to the Test," 2017).

For additional information please take a look at the "Textbooks Put to the Test: Global Citizenship Education in International Perspective" page available on the Georg Eckert Institute website (Click here). The page is approximately a 2 minute, 32 second read.


July 16, 2018

A new project was launched on June 1 aimed at producing an SEL supplement and video to accompany USAID’s A Guide for Strengthening Gender Equality and Inclusiveness in Teaching and Learning Materials (RTI International, 2015). Under the supervision of NISSEM organizing committee member Jean Bernard and with major contributions from other NISSEM members, content is currently being drafted that will provide additional guidance to writers and illustrators in Africa on how to embed SEL into textbooks and other materials in ways that support the key messages of the 2015 Guide. Following a process of review by a group of international researchers and practitioners, the guidance document and instructional video for writer’s workshops are scheduled for completion by September, 2015.